Various Artists (Money Records)

The Money label was owned by husband and wife John and Ruth Dolphin, black entrepreneurs from LA who ran two record stores in the South Central area which were called Dolphins Of Hollywood, (using some poetic license geographically speaking). They soon ventured into the record business creating several labels including Recorded In Hollywood (nearer the mark!), later just called Hollywood, Cash, Money and Ball. The original Money label ran from 1954-1957. By the mid 60s, encouraged by radio DJ Alton “AC” Scott, who regularly broadcast from the shop’s front window, and by the amount of local talent, Ruth Dolphin (her husband had been shot dead in 1958) revived the Money label with Al Scott as head of A&R and all-round CEO. The pair also started new imprints, Ten Star and Utopia, and Al had his own Call Me label. This time the Money label lasted until 1968. It then stopped functioning until 1972, when a new number series ran for another two years. It was revived for one final year in 1976. Ten Star ran from 1965-1967 and Call Me released singles mainly in 1968.

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