Various Artists (Flip)

Max Feirtag's Los Angeles based Flip label started out in early 1955 and had a strong series of singles releases throughout the rest of the 50s. Slowing down in the early 60s and finally petering out in 1965, there were 64 singles releases in all and two much sought-after various artists LPs on the label (that's if you don't count that riveting LP - "Carl Spitz Teaches You How To Train Your Dog", but as that was on the K9 Kollege label it doesn't count anyway!). Famous mostly for A Casual Look by The Six Teens and for the original Louie Louie by Richard Berry, the Flip label output had a high percentage of group records. Indeed about two thirds of the releases were vocal group recordings and most of these were in the doo wop mould. So, now that Ace has acquired the rights to the Flip recording masters, we can start on an in-depth study of Flip's contribution to vocal group history..

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