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Hornbeam Recordings




Tuesday evening at Cecil Sharp’s (HQ of the English Folk Dance and Song Society) in London is Singers Night. Old-time musician Tom Paley is a regular and it was here that Ski Williams first conceived an idea to make an album. It would place Tom in an untried setting with younger folk musicians to record a varied programme of authentic old-time numbers, passing the baton from one generation to another. Ski approached Tom with a plan and the work commenced. Hornbeam Recordings was established with the help of fellow music enthusiasts Les Ong and Mike Gavin. For many years, Mike ran the Blues & Roots department of Ray’s Jazz Shop in London’s Shaftesbury Avenue where Ski helped out and IT professional Les hung out. Down in that shop basement, where folk and old-time music were very much on the agenda, the plan was hatched only to be put aside as family and work intervened. However, the potential was forged and later, when the plan came to fruition, the personnel were ready and waiting.

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