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Andy Crofts (The Moons)

Andy Crofts is the singer, songwriter and guitarist in The Moons, a Northampton and Kettering five piece founded in 2007. The Moons are known for heading a return to classic songwriting, mixing Beatleish melodies with Kinksy guitars on their smashing March 2010 debut album "Life On Earth", an indie Top 30 hit that spawned the four contagious singles 'Torn Between Two', 'Nightmare Day', 'Let It Go and Everyday Heroes'. Other influences include Brian Wilson, The Coral, Joe Meek, The Doors and Buzzcocks. The group are currently in Edwyn Collins’ West Heath Yard studio recording their second record. Fans of the band already include Paul Weller, The Kinks’ Dave Davies, The Bees, Richard Hawley and The Coral. Andy also plays keyboards in Paul Weller’s band.

Selected releases

  • David Axelrod

    I was already aware of David Axelrod and his past work with the Electric Prunes, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I was on tour with Paul Weller and we were listening to his solo work. I love the cinematic sounds he projects, it’s right up my street and very influential.

  • Sam Cooke

    My mum raised me listening to a lot of soul music and Sam Cooke was one ofher favourites. As I got older I found myself digging deeper and becoming more of a fan. He had a pure soul voice, one of the finest of all time.

  • Count Five

    I think the Count Five were an amazing band and they are a big influence on The Moons, in fact we cover Psychotic Reaction now and again as it just sounds so cool. My good friend Rob Glover used to run a club called The Buzz and I was a resident deejay for about 10 years and the Count Five would always make a regular appearance in my set. My personal favourite is 'Peace Of Mind'.

  • The Shirelles

    The Shirelles were another group that I grew up listening to. I became more of a fan when I heard The Beatles’ version of 'Baby It’s You' on "Please Please Me". They just have a sound that is so addictive and I can’t get enough of. More please!

  • Georgie Fame

    Georgie Fame is another one that I used to deejay out every night. I love his voice, it’s so individual and charming but apart from that, he was just so cool back in the day. What I would do to go back in time and catch him live at The Flamingo.

  • The Sonics

    I love this stuff!! I deejay this out a lot as it’s just so mental. Punk before punk. Turn it up!

  • Howling Wolf

    This just reminds me of sitting around all night playing guitar, smoking and drinking. I love the raw voice and vibe to the music and it still gets me. I wore some of my old records out when I was younger. I’m a big fan of all the Chess Records music as well and I still find it fascinating reading about all of the artists of that time.

  • Little Richard

    When I was a child I was obsessed with rock’n’roll from artists such as Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Chuck Berry and I had their songs on old records thathad been passed to me. Little Richard was a big part of growing up for me. He has so much energy and such an original sound. I still believe he is one of the leaders of rock’n’roll.

  • The Zombies

    What can I say, those who know this album know that it’s a masterpiece. Paul Weller claims it as his personal favourite as well and trust me it gets some good plays on our tour bus. It is a big influence on The Moons and it surpasses most of its contemporaries.

  • Girls With Guitars

    I bought this record a few years back and it has found itself in my deejay set many times. I just love these sort of girl groups. I guess girl groups always got overlooked in music but the girls on this CD would take no prisoners. This is one of my favourite compilations.