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Music Mania


Please give us a brief history of Music Mania.

Opened in 2000 as a mainly used cd shop also selling tickets. As the years have rolled by we've stocked more and more new product and seen the re-introduction of vinyl.

What makes Stoke-on-Trent an interesting place to have a record shop?

Having a great selection of music will always bring customers back through the door. We're in a little shopping arcade slighty away from the town centre, the walls decorated in local gig posters, album artwork and lots of lists! Once people find us they seem to like coming back! 

Music Mania shopfront

What kind of music do you specialise in?

All genres are covered, Stoke-on-Trent has a rich musical heritage and we try our best to nod the hat to each and every corner. We have an ever-expanding soul / funk / disco section with Northern Soul at its centre. Stokies also have a penchant for heavy metal, indie and electronic music which are all well represented in our shop. We have three members of staff who all specialise in a vast array of different musical cultures.

Music Mania, Stoke

Who are your customers? Any famous regulars you can tell us about?

We don't kiss and tell. (All i can say is what a lovely man Richard Hawley is). We also have a certain Bad Seed who pops in from time to time!

People talk about the 'resurgence of vinyl' - have you seen an influx in the number of younger vinyl collectors?

Definitely, this christmas has seen our vinyl section blitzed. The present for a young person this year was a record deck.

As an independent record shop, do you feel like you need to offer supplementary activities for Music Mania to work – events and live music for instance?

Record store day gives us a chance to put live stuff on etc. It’s something we are looking to expand.

Music Mania, Stoke

What is your favourite song of all time? 

Wow, what a question. I'll have to go with ‘Alone Again Or by Love.

What album or song do you play most frequently in your shop?

We try to vary whats played all the time but all the staff have their favourite artists they return to. The Beatles, Ryan Adams and Stevie Wonder being our three default settings.

What are you current favourite Ace releases?

Anything by Funkadelic. The Vanguard lost Psychedelic cd was a gem.

Which record do you play to clear people out at the end of the day?

We turn the music down,the silence scares them away!