• The Exponential Horn

    The Exponential Horn

    20th May 2014

    If you go to the Media Space at London’s Science Museum between now and 27th July you can experience the remarkable sound of the 27 feet long Exponential Horn built in 1929 by R. P. G. Denman, then the museum’s curator. The man behind the restoration is Aleksander Kolkowski, who Damned fans will recognise as the violin player on the alternative version of ‘Anti-Pope’ currently featured on ‘The Chiswick Singles: And Another Thing’. But this is a minor part of his extensive CV and since those heady youthful days Aleks has moved relentlessly into the past whilst creating the most contemporary of music using archaic instruments and recorders long abandoned by others to produce original and at times challenging music. The Exponential Horn fits into this picture perfectly and delivers a unique and spectacular sound impossible to reproduce using more contemporary equipment.

  • Ace News Stories

    More Ace News?

    28th April 2014

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  • Modstock


    29th January 2014

    MODSTOCK will take place over the Easter holidays this year and will showcase all aspects of Mod culture. 

    The organisers have put together a strong four day program with confirmed acts including The Velvelettes, Brenda Holloway, Secret Affair, Stone Foundation, The Apemen, Les Cappuccino and The Mergers.


  • Test Pressing Tuesday

    Test Pressing Tuesdays

    7th January 2014

    Vinyl, disc, wax or platter - it really doesn’t matter what you call it, be it seven-inches across or 12, it feels good, looks good, plays good and would probably taste good under the right circumstances. It has to be the only inert object that arouses such passion, such adoration and its appeal is enduring.

    Ace plan to spread some vinyl-related joy on a weekly basis throughout 2014 , with an exciting new competition called Test Pressing Tuesday,

    Check into our social media sites at around midday GMT every Tuesday for details of the latest competition. Each week we will be giving away ultra-rare test pressings for our forthcoming EP, 7” and LP releases, simply like, share and/or comment on the competition post to get your name entered into the cyber hat.


  • Joe Bihari

    17th December 2013

    Joe Bihari’s death on Thanksgiving Day at the age of 88, now leaves Art Rupe and Phil Chess as the sole survivors of a unique group of post-war independent record men. Their efforts created a body of music which remains a major influence on popular music.

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