Various Artists (Living In The Streets)

In the late 90s everyone started to narrow the theme of their compilations, making them about one genre of music. That could be fun, but at BGP we felt that it limited you, so we came up with “Living In The Streets”, three compilations that were packed full of soul, funk, jazz and were flavoured with a touch of latin and proto disco. This was the way we liked a club to be, and so it was how we wanted our compilation to sound.

Across the volumes we managed to bring forth such genuine rarities as Letta Mbulu’s ‘Afro Texas’, Preston Epps’ ‘Afro-Mania’ and Johnny King and The Fatback Band’s ‘Peace, Love Not War’ and then matched them with in-demand dancefloor items by Billy Hawks, Spanky Wilson and Brenda George. However some of the best moments came where we dug a little deeper and came up with downtempo and leftfield gems; Lorez Alexandria’s beautiful ‘I’m Wishin’’ or Walter Hawkins’ ‘Where Will You Run’ are worth the price of admission on their own.

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