Various Artists (Chartbusters)

There's a certain chemistry involved in the make-up of compilations - the dynamics of which are difficult to determine. These include discernment, dramatic use of tonal light and shade, an inherent understanding of the musical genres involved (including their relationship to one and other) and an intelligent approach to design.

These are the factors that have made Golden Age Of American Rock'n'Roll arguably the best-selling series of its kind and, for many, the only reliable way to purchase those treasured early American pop classics.

Using the same exacting criteria, this concept has now been logically extended into the mid to late-60s in the form of an exciting new series titled CHARTBUSTERS.

CHARTBUSTERS functions both on a historical level and as a superlative listening experience. It is a proud thoroughbred in a market teeming with mongrel product. One glance at the track listing will tell you all you need to know.


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