Various Artists (Andy Smith)

DJ Andy Smith first made his name creating the sonic soundscapes that set the scene at Portishead gigs in the mid 90s as that act shot to world-wide success and international stardom. As a DJ Andy had a unique magpie style of digging out music from almost anywhere. On his internationally released best selling compilation “The Document” he leapt from hip hop to rock to funk and beyond.

In the 2000s Andy hooked up with BGP to produce three exceptional compilations which show his skills as a mixer across a wide range of music. His “Northern Soul” had him throwing together an enthralling selection of sixties soul, which on the CD he seamlessly mixed to create the ultimate party. Next up, as a celebration of BGP’s 21st birthday, he created a mix of some of our greatest hits, ranging from Billy Garner to Rufus Thomas.

His final (to date) work for us was his fantastic vintage throw down “Andy Smith’s Jam Up Twist”. It is probably unique in the world of mix CDs as its musical landscape moves from rockabilly, through R&B and gritty instrumentals on to pounding sixties soul.  These three releases are a fantastic journey through danceable retro music and well worth checking out.

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