The String-A-Longs

Formed in Texas in the late 50s, the group spent their first years as the Rock’n’Rollers and the Leen Teens with plenty of vocals featuring in their act. After a 45 on the Ven label in 1958, the quintet found their way to Norman Petty’s Clovis studio where they paid to record a single. Petty placed the disc with Imperial Records where it died a death, but he had been sufficiently impressed by them to take them on for management and recording. A planned vocal session yielded the clean instrumental tune ‘Wheels’. Issued on Warwick Records, it went to #3 in the US and #8 UK, with the follow-up ‘Brass Buttons’ making #35 US. The group split up in 1965 with some members remaining in the business in various groups for a few years. They re-united briefly to play the Clovis Music Festival in 2006.

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