The Belmonts

With Dion DiMucci as their lead singer, the Bronx-based Belmonts managed eight Hot 100 hits until Dion left for a solo career in 1960. The remaining Belmonts – Angelo D’Aleo, Fred Milano and Carlo Mastrangelo – continued the hit run on their own, landing a further six Hot 100 entries between 1961 and 1963. Along the way they formed their own Sabina label and went on to record for United Artists. They maintained the mixture of ballads and uptempo doo wop material, and many of their releases are highly valued by collectors. They issued strong material as Carlo & the Belmonts but he eventually left. This was one of several line-up changes over the years, with Fred Milano remaining the most consistent member. They linked again briefly with Dion and subsequently kept performing with more occasional releases. 

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