Sandy Nelson

Born in California in 1938, Sandy Nelson was well placed to get involved with the burgeoning independent recording scene of the 50s. He worked as a session drummer with friends such as Phil Spector, Bruce Johnston and Gary Paxton, playing on several major hits, including ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’ and ‘Alley-Oop’. In 1959 he cut ‘Teen Beat’ for the small Original Sound label which became a million-seller, landing him a contract with the bigger Imperial label where he released a string of 45s and albums. Further early 60s hits with ‘Let There Be Drums’ and ‘Drums Are My Beat’ followed until he suffered the loss of his right foot in a traffic accident. He continued undaunted with more powerful albums throughout the 60s, mostly featuring instrumental covers of contemporary hits, and maintained more occasional recording well into the 2000s. 

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