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Production Manager Vacancy

Production Manager – Ace Records

About Ace

Ace Records is one of the leading reissue record companies and produces great-sounding, well-packaged releases. We work with music repertoire experts, designers with a keen eye for the right period look and highly-skilled audio engineers creating CD, vinyl and digital releases each month.

Your role at Ace

Your primary role will be to manage the production of all physical products released on the Ace group of labels.


A strong awareness of deadlines, good organisational, administrative and analytical skills and a keen eye for detail are all essential. 

An ability and desire to drive deadlines on a regular monthly release schedule.

3-5 years of previous production experience in the music industry, preferably at a record label.

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Basic image editing skills and a knowledge and understanding of the repertoire we release would also be advantageous.

What you’ll be doing:

Participate in scheduling meetings attended by the A&R, licensing, sales, marketing and digital departments to plan an agreed number of newly-originated releases each month.

Work closely with the project compilers, outside designers, mastering studio, manufacturers and Ace’s own departments to organise production parts. Issue regular deadlines, chasers and updates to all.

Processes will include researching and checking label copy, commissioning, editing and proofreading sleeve notes, sourcing and scanning photographs and memorabilia.

Input repertoire in the Ace databases.

Work with designers, giving them clear briefs and all the elements that will be on the product. Check artwork progress at all stages until delivery for printing and secure approvals when necessary.

Organise masters for release, liaising with compilers, licensing partners, mastering studio and manufacturers. Manage the approval of test pressings.

It will be your ultimate responsibility that all parts for manufacture are assembled and release dates are met.

Organise replacement parts for back catalogue items where they have been lost or damaged. Re-originate packages when necessary.

Assist in the origination of digital products.


Please send applications into

Deadline: 21st March 2022

Location: Letchworth/ Flexible