Joan Baez

Born in Staten Island in 1941, Joan Baez’s early life involved extensive world travel through her father’s UNESCO job. In 1958 they settled in Boston where she got enmeshed in the coffee house scene and was spotted by Albert Grossman, soon to be Bob Dylan’s manager. An appearance at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival boosted her career and linked her to Vanguard Records who issued her first album the following year. Meeting Dylan introduced her to his new material, which began her reputation as a superb interpreter of others’ songs. Always a political activist working for many causes, she remained with Vanguard until 1971 when she moved to A&M and later to other labels where her catalogue of albums covered folk, country and gospel. Still working, she has covered many contemporary artists and stays politically active. Ace’s extensive catalogue of her work contains some of her finest moments.

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