Funk Inc

Formed in the late 60s by Bobby Watley, Eugene Barr, Steve Weakley, Jimmy Munford and Cecil Hunt, Funk Inc originated from a small and vibrant Indianapolis music scene. Signed to Prestige, their music was a mixture of cover versions and snappy originals in a funky organ style. Their star shone for a comparatively short period. When fashions changed they were rapidly forgotten and their albums became bargain bins fixtures. A decade or so later they were suddenly in demand again. Their records began to get played on the rare groove scene and, when acid jazz reared its head, they became cult heroes with their version of Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Give Me Your Love’, the anti-war ‘Let’s Make Peace And Stop The War’ and ‘The Better Half’ with its psychedelic guitar. These all became anthems leading to the release of BGP’s classic compilation “Acid Inc”, and then all of their albums individually. All have remained in print ever since.

By Dean Rudland

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