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Holiday Gift Guide


“Santa Baby, slip a CD under the tree, for me…”

Yes, folks, the Season To Be Jolly is with us once again. The time of year when thoughts turn to peace on Earth, goodwill to all men and an earnest hope that those Elmore James, B.B. King and Fame Records boxed sets you’ve been hoping to own for years will be hanging in a stocking by the fireplace.

How pleasant would it be this Christmas night to slip away to the record room while the other half is watching Kill The Midwife or Strictly Christmas Specials, crack open a cold beer and crank up a seasonal helping of ‘Dust My Broom’ or ‘Sweet Sixteen’?

Who needs mince pies, port and stilton or other sundry filling when you could be gorging yourself on Ace’s Zombies boxed set, or any of our award winning Southern Soul selections? Never mind all that Dasher, Prancer and Vixen caper – bring on Carter, Jackson and Staton with music that’ll do you right all year round.

For anyone who’s stuck for an idea for a Christmas pressie suggestion, for themselves or someone else of similarly exquisite taste, we’ve made a list (and checked it twice to help you decide where to spend your record token money, in the absence of actual record tokens these days. It may be an idea to leave this webpage open and in full view of the other half if there’s been moaning that you’re difficult to buy for. Better you get that Ace T-shirt (or any of the others from our extensive range) you’ve been craving than another lurid escapee from the Val Doonican Christmas cardigan collection.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Is it the Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour 6CD set in a natty slipcase, by any chance?

If it isn’t, I guarantee that those will be your chestnuts roasting on that open fire, Santa Baby…

So, although it’s been said – many times, many ways…


Selected releases

  • Music From Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service

    “It is my intention to fill these hours with as much dodgy opinion, crackpot theories, hare-brained schemes and beautiful, beautiful music as is humanly possible.” (Jarvis’ statement of intent, BBC 6 Music website, 2010)

    Jarvis brings together an eclectic and exciting mix of records from his much-missed "Sunday Service" show which ran for seven years on BBC 6 music.

    Includes Antony & The Johnson's cover version of ‘Crazy In Love’, the Katzenjammer's steel drum rendition of ‘Cars’, listener suggestions such as Nina Simone's ‘Baltimore’, a special reading from Padgett Powell's ‘The Interrogative Mood’ read live on the show by Jarvis. If you listen very carefully between tracks, you may even hear a hidden jingle or two.

    Available on 180g double vinyl and CD digipak and with full accompanying sleevenotes by Jarvis.

    A Rough Trade Compilation of the Year

    "a laid-back yet never cosy, sonically diverse accompaniment to the nation's post-roast slumber"

    The Quietus

    "Sheffield electronic pioneers Cabaret Voltaire nestle alongside 1960s Leeds singer-songwriter Jake Thackray. Antony and the Johnsons' haunting version of Beyoncé's Crazy in Love appears alongside a Trinidadian steel band’s strangely mesmeric remake of Gary Numan’s Cars."

    The Guardian

  • The Daisy Age

    It wasn’t really a movement, barely even a moment, but the Daisy Age was an ethos that briefly permeated pop, R&B and hip hop. The name was coined by Long Island trio De La Soul; they claimed D.A.I.S.Y. stood for “da inner sound, y’all”, but then De La Soul said a lot of things. Playfulness and good humour were central to their 1989 debut album, which cast a long, multi-coloured shadow. The 90s, it promised, would be a lot easier going than the 80s.

    The Rough Trade Compilation of the Year

    "Day-Glo 1989-94 rap cuts with the funkiest breaks, superior sampling and gushing positive creativity. Total fun for your brain."

    MOJO ★★★★ 

    "A gimme waiting to happen, which with Spotify-etc. playlists having killed the commercial compilation wasn't a gimmie at all, this Bob Stanley compiled romp is irresistable...listen and marvel that times were ever so good"

    Robert Christgau A Plus

    "A kaleidoscopic celebration of the moment Hip-Hop turned Day-Glo... Even three decades on, the era's best moments resonate with invention and imagination."




    "They may have been the unwillijng faces of a barely-there movement, but De La Soul planted the seeds of something beautiful. Collections like this allow us to reap the rewards."

    Record Collector ★★★★ 

  • Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 5

    15 years on from “Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures Volume 4”, and from Dave’s death, we present the next 25 sides of significance – selected by Dave, including some he wanted from day one of the series.  

    A Rough Trade Compilation of the Year

    "25 ballads of pain, heartache and pleading that'll aslo uplift" 

    MOJO ★★★★ 

    "Any listener will be thrilled by this selection of, yes, treasures" 


    "Soul music doesn't get any better than this."

    the i paper

    "a significant event" ★★★★★


  • The Songs of Leonard Cohen

    Eclectic interpretations of songs by Canada’s much-missed poet laureate, including two the man himself never recorded.

    "I’ve never gotten over the pleasure of someone covering one of my songs. I’m one of those parents that’s happy to let go"

    Leonard Cohen

    "Cohen’s gruff monotone is, to many ears, an acquired taste, so an album on which some of his most celebrated material is filtered through the pipes of others has obvious selling points.  Female voices make the biggest impact here … all are handled with the reverence you’d expect."

    Record Collector ★★★★

    "Inspired and inspiring, and with detailed notes from Cohen on the genesis of each song, this an album to treasure."

    the i paper

  • Jon Savage's 1969-1971

    Unlike the previous volumes in Jon Savage’s series of year-based 2CD compilations, which featured music from an expansive mixture of genres, this latest edition spans three years of 100% rock.

    "A spiritual companion piece to his classic Meridian 70 collection... this is one of Jon Savage's finest."

    Shindig ★★★★★

    "At times, the tracklisting to author/critic Jon Savage's compilation reads like a poster for a windswept Belgian rock festival at the turn of the '70s. This is the post-Summer of Love comedown writ large.."

    Mojo ★★★★ 

  • Reggie Young

    A long-awaited overview of Reggie Young’s six decades as Memphis and Nashville’s most in-demand guitarist.

    "Reggie Young was one of the finest and most versatile session guitarists in the business. This is the first time such an overview of his multi-layered career has been put together."

    Now Dig This

  • Totalement Chic!

    All three volumes in our French girl singers series housed in this elegant rigid card slipcase. 

    A glorious compilation. Record Collector ★★★★★ 

    Had Mike Meyer's Austin Powers films been set in sinful Paris as opposed to swinging London, these 24 tracks would have provided the perfect soundtrack. allmusic.com ★★★★ 1/2

  • 'The Fame Studios Story'

    The story of the studio that put the Muscle Shoals sound on the map.

    MOJO ★★★★★

    It's an essential purchase! Record Collector ★★★★★

  • Back to the River

    A follow up to the award-winning “Take Me To The River”, this set brings you 75 more slices of exquisite Southern Soul.

    Exhilarating stuff. MOJO ★★★★

  • B.B. King 'The Vintage Years'

    B.B. King is an international icon, the founding father of the blues and rock guitar styles. His landmark recordings of the 1950s and early 1960s for RPM, Kent and Crown were so influential at the time, and still are. We proudly present 106 tracks from that extraordinary body of work.


  • Ace 40

    This traditional “Album” contains seven singles, a small jukebox worth of recordings. A limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide.

    A real treasure trove, with an acute attention to detail in keeping with the label's ethos. MOJO Vinyl Package of the Month

  • Theme Time Radio Hour Complete Series

    150 songs and 75 years of musical dreams, schemes and themes drawn from the first three series of Bob Dylan's highly acclaimed Theme Time Radio Hour radio show. This is a limited edition bundle set, housed in the now hard-to-find Theme Time Radio Hour slipcase.

    This collection is something else...it could hardly be a better primer for the shows themselves. MOJO ★★★★★


  • The Fugs 'Don't Stop! Don't Stop!'

    Compiled and annotated by Ed Sanders, founder Fug, with over two hours of previously unreleased Fugs mayhem.

  • The Zombies 'Zombie Heaven'

    4CDs. 119 tracks all mastered from original tapes. 42 previously unissued. 68 page book. Many previously unpublished photographs. Memorabilia from the band's archive.

  • 'Fame Singles Box'

    The limited edition “Fame Singles Box” is something very special indeed. Within its packaging can be found faithful facsimiles of four of the rarest Fame singles from the 1960s, including the company’s first ever 45, by the Del Rays, Northern Soul classics by James Barnett and Art Freeman, and Jimmy Hughes’ Island Soul rarity ‘You Might As Well Forget Him’, plus a bonus, a previously unissued test pressing. Packaged in homage of Fame’s own original mailout envelopes.

  • 'A Southern Soul Story'

    Take Me To The River is a selection of 75 songs that tell the story of the golden era of Southern Soul 1961-77 with full notes and lavish illustrations in a 72 page booklet.

    A belter...a collection that will haul in new listeners with its mixture of the accessible and predictable and satisfy established fans with a running order that contextualises, tracks and maps the music's growth. MOJO ★★★★

  • The Damned 'The Chiswick Singles'

    For your delectation facsimiles of the original promotional copies of all of the Damned Chiswick singles. Also included are associated promotional items and photographs. 

    Fab limited edition box set MOJO ★★★★


  • Gil Scott-Heron 'The Revolution Begins'

    One of the most important voices of black America, Gil Scott-Heron emerged from the edges of the Black Arts Movement. This 3CD set features his first three albums and a rare track cut with Pretty Purdie’s band, plus a bonus disc containing an alternate version of the “Free Will” album – every surviving piece of music Gil recorded for the Flying Dutchman label. 

    Intelligent, engaging, brimming with righteous anger and humour. MOJO ★★★★

    Masterpiece Record Collector ★★★★★ (Reissue of the Month)

  • 'Make it Your Sound, Make it Your Scene'

    Between the late 50s and early 70s, Vanguard Records led the field in folk, blues and old timey music. Artists as diverse as Skip James, Bob Dylan, John Fahey and Country Joe & the Fish, chronicled the emerging folk scene and the point at which these transmuted into psychedelic rock. The Newport Folk Festival recordings brought a host of artists to an international audience. 

  • 'Rhythm & Blues Christmas'

    Christmas comes but once a year, but an Ace Christmas record comes but once in a lifetime. Rich, varied and full of ho ho ho with a side of misery, so get it while stocks last. Not just for Christmas, but forever.

  • Darlene Love 'So Much Love'

    24 gems from the remarkable recording career of queen bee session singer turned Broadway star Darlene Love, featuring solo sides, tracks fronting the Blossoms in their various guises, movie soundtrack songs and three great previously unissued performances.

    MOJO ★★★★

    A wonderful showcase. Record Collector ★★★★

  • Phil Spector 'The Early Productions'

    The early work of a genius in the making. Where it all began for Phil Spector. Our 24 page booklet plots his early years in a fully illustrated 6,500 word essay. 

    Record Collector ★★★★


  • Joan Baez 'Noel'

    Doyenne of the 60s folk scene with a superb selection of Christmas songs from the French, English, Catalan, German and Welsh traditions - a world festivity. 

  • Odetta 'Christmas Spirituals'

    Afro-American spirituals mainly drawn from the days of slavery, free of Santa Claus and celebrating the spirit of Christmas in a poignant way.

  • John Fahey 'Christmas with John Fahey'

    A complete collection of the original recordings of Fahey's Christmas songs - taken from his two best selling LPs.

  • Ace Records Cotton Bag

    Launched, just in time for Christmas, the Ace Records Cotton Bag! For many more designs see our merchandise pages here: acerecords.co.uk/browse/merchandise/bags

  • Ace Records T Shirt

    A new Ace t-shirt for 2014 designed by one of our favourite graphic designers Niall McCormack. For (many) more tees, see our merchandise page here: acerecords.co.uk/browse/t-shirts